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Our History

History is an important consideration in your choice of a travel management company. It represents the company’s strengths and abilities to succeed in the most challenging of circumstances.

PAYLESS ONLINE TRAVEL is closely affiliated to Flight Express Travel Inc. and has been in operation for 20+ years. With multiple locations in the US, Canada, and overseas; we combine the expertise of a corporate big-budget agency with the affordability and personal attention of a smaller agency.

PAYLESS ONLINE TRAVEL is a member of the exclusive provider Ensemble Travel group and is independently recognized as being a leading international focused travel management company in Calgary’s retail travel market. The same is true for Flight Express, New Westminster, our affiliate office in BC. These recognitions have proven to be beneficial to the unique travel needs of the leisure and corporate travelers in Alberta and BC, Canada.

Our Services

International airfares, Cruise vacations, African safaris, and other vacation packages. DISCOUNTED Business and Economy class airfares for businesses and leisure travelers.

Accommodations for virtually any travel requests but focussing on international destinations. A network of extensive international services that include visa and passport assistance and the world’s best and most affordable travel insurance options.

Should there be anything that needs further clarification, please submit your request to us for a qualified response.

Highly experienced and continually trained multi-lingual travel counselors.

International air fares, Cruise vacations, African safaris, and other vacation packages. DISCOUNTED Business and Economy class air fares for businesses and leisure travelers.

We monitor your company’s travel policy and provide travel management solutions within your budgets.

Available 7 days a week for business travelers and others for emergency travel.

Our experience is your guarantee of satisfaction.
Call us : 403 539 0200

Benefits of booking with us:

Our experience is your guarantee of satisfaction.

Highly experienced and continually trained multi-lingual travel counselors.

Why book with Travel Agents ?

Top 10 reasons

1. System Limitations: Complicated itineraries involving many destinations, airlines, and stopovers are not booked efficiently on the web. Travel agents use sophisticated systems/GDS capable of handling any itinerary with unlimited destinations, stopovers, and airlines.

2. Business-class / First class international travel: We have access to negotiated fares which can save up to $500 on each ticket. Not just the ticket cost, conditions of the ticket are also often complicated requiring verbal and/or written explanation or else clients may not understand fully and may end up paying huge penalties.

3. Wait-listing: We have the ability to waitlist a flight in a lower class and get it confirmed using our influence with airlines. This can save hundreds of dollars for economy fares and much more on business and first-class. Especially for change of reservation, wait-listing can enable us to bring clients home earlier and cheaper. Online travel sites don’t generally offer this much-needed facility.

4. Seat searching: Travel agents can search and find a lower-cost space to save money and enable early departures with better connections. Travel websites can not provide this facility due to the lack of personal service and instant purchase requirements. We can hold space for 24 to 72 hours or more and during this period, can look for lower-cost space and pass on savings.

5. 72 Hour hold: Most websites require instant purchase which is not okay for a better decision since many plans change in 72 hours or less. Passengers booking online end up paying hefty change or cancellation penalties whereas those booking with us pay no fee generally since space was on hold and canceled or changed before tickets are issued.

6. Economy net fares: Most airline sites and travel websites only show “Published” fares, not the “Negotiated” or net fares. These are not easy to show or book on websites but we have them due to wholesale contracts. For travelers to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South Pacific; these unpublished fares are not only cheaper but often more flexible.

7. Personal service and peace of mind: Travel agents like us provide on-demand service and ensure peace of mind. Being local, you know us and we know you and such closeness cuts lots of time and procedures required on websites at the time of original booking, date and destination changes, refunds, schedule changes, and flight cancellations.

8. Matching web fares: Most full-service travel agents like us can match online or valid website fares for Ocean and River Cruises, Business and First class international fares, most long haul international coach fares, prices for vacation packages, medium to high -end hotel rates and Travel Insurance. Since vendors pay us, we don’t generally charge service fees on these bookings.

9. Payment options and amenities: Travel agents like us accept cash, check, credit cards and may offer credit for few days to established clients. Few websites can offer such a wide range of payment options or offer amenities provided by consortium affiliated travel agents like us.

10. Domestic Travel for businesses, busy individuals, seniors, and groups: For a small service fee, we can do these bookings according to the organization’s policies, search lowest fares, offer extended deadlines to pay, make frequent date and destination changes and reissues, combine different airlines, offer better connections and handle group booking complications.

Please call or visit the Payless Online Travel office for more reasons, details, questions, and clarifications.

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